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Relationship Counseling

Marriage Counseling  

Marriage counseling involves a married couple and a therapist joining together to process issues related to marital satisfaction and relational wounds.

Common issues addressed in marriage counseling are:

  • Excessive disagreement and disconnection  
  • Communication and conflict resolution  
  • Parenting styles  
  • Infidelity and affairs  
  • Trust issues and emotional intimacy  
  • Loss of joy  
  • A history of spousal abuse  
  • Sexual dysfunction and infertility  
  • Addiction and compulsive behaviors

Premarital Counseling 

TriLife Counseling Services offers premarital counseling and assessment using a research-driven instrument called PREPARE-ENRICH. The couple completes the assessment before the second session.

Issues addressed in premarital counseling include:

  • Couple compatibility  
  • Marital expectations 
  • Intimacy and communication 
  • Conflict resolution styles 
  • Financial management

Premarital counseling involves a minimum of 3 sessions at a rate of $320 due at the first session and a follow-up session at a rate of $85. The PREPARE/ENRICH assessment tool used in therapy is included. Premarital counseling typically consists of four to six 45-minute sessions.

Insurance reimbursement is not available for these services due to the already reduced rate.